Meeting & Events

Meeting & Events

Ranieri lounge

On the noble floor of Palazzo Ranieri, facing the main structure, is the Sala Ranieri, with its imposing coffered ceiling and a magnificent view of the towers and other monuments of the city. The room measures approximately 70 sqm and 5 m high and is suitable for hosting conferences, presentations, exhibitions and events with a maximum seating capacity of around 50 people. The use of the room requires the purchase of the Monadelschi or the Ranieri suites included in the price. Dimensions 70 sqm and 5 mt high, ideal for meetings, exhibitions, events. 50 seats total. The use of the room presupposes the purchase of the Monadelschi and Ranieri Suites included in the price.

Piccolomini lounge

On the main floor of the homonymous building is the Sala Piccolomini, with a large volume (70 sqm x 4.5 m height), embellished with historic frescoes and elegant contemporary furnishings. Equipped with a splendid natural light that filters through the large windows overlooking Piazza Ranieri, it is ideal for conferences, presentations, exhibitions and events with a maximum seating capacity of 50 people.

Etrusca lounge

The Etrusca lounge, directly obtained in the tuffaceous rock on which the City of Orvieto stands, is located in the basement and has natural light. Dimensions 70 sqm and 3mts high, excluding the medieval cellar of about 10 square meters, it is suitable for receptions, banquets and cocktails for up to 80 people.

The Piccolomini Lounge

The modern Lounge Bar is located on the ground floor, benefiting from natural light. It covers an area of 30 sqm with 4 m height, making it suitable for hosting receptions, tastings, and cocktails for up to 25 people. Here, you can taste various wine labels of Orvieto Classico Superiore produced by the most prominent wineries in the region.


If organizing a business meeting is a pleasure for you, it means that you are at the Hotel Palazzo Piccolomini. It will be our concern to provide an accurate service that makes every meeting flawless. From free Wi-Fi to coffee breaks overlooking the city or in the heart of underground Orvieto, from frescoed meeting rooms to the ever-present but discreet staff. Without forgetting that there are special offers and packages that can be combined with the stay based on the number of participants and the requested period. Our rooms are also ideal for other events such as presentations, tastings, receptions, cocktails, etc.


The elegant suites and rooms of our hotel are the perfect location for your stay during your wedding. The central and strategic position allows you to easily reach the parking lot, the churches and the town halls. We also have an organization and coordination service for preparations, choice of location, catering and anything else necessary to make your event unique.

For any question or quote, contact us at our addresses, we will be happy to answer you with the aim of fulfilling all your wishes.

Meeting & Events